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Why Camp Fleur de Lis?  You will be led by Sandra Major who has decades of work in the fitness profession.  She will inspire, motivate and challenge you to be in the BEST shape of your life NO MATTER what your age!  Your training base at "Camp Fleur de Lis" is a gorgeous, natural outdoor hideaway in the foothills of East San Diego County.  Sandra's training style & classes attract participants who want to "Do More" to lose weight, gain strength and become more fit than they ever thought possible!  Studies have proven better results are obtained when participants exercise outdoors and are activated by a "buddy system."  Group classes offer both elements so that you can be successful.
~  The OUTDOORS of Camp Fleur de Lis
offers the ultimate workout in a true rural environment away from traffic and as close to nature as you can get!  We are located in East SD County only a half an hour from downtown San Diego, minutes from La Mesa, Rancho San Diego, Santee, and Alpine.  Acres of open space are lined with jogging trails, circuit stations and flat turf areas for exercise.  Adjacent, we have private access hiking into the Cleveland Natural Forest.  
~  Guests here enjoy rewarding classes with the support, and sometimes, friendly competition among others.  All fitness levels of participants are welcome and Sandra will inspire you to "Do More!"  Most workouts led by Sandra burn through 600-800 calories per hour or more!  You WILL get in the best shape of your life with this program and have fun doing it!  
~  Your Trainer & Instructor, Sandra, will keep you accountable!  It's time to blow the whistle on bad form, unsafe exercises, and lackluster workouts.  Classes and Sessions at Camp Fleur de Lis are NEVER BORING and will help you get in the best shape of your life with creatively designed workouts including a mix of mountain hikes, endurance, CORE and strength training using weights, bands & TRX, stability ball workouts, kickboxing, STEP, Hula Hoops, pull up bars, running, flexibility sessions and of course, athletic and military style drills. Our bodies thrive on VARIETY & INTENSITY of movement exercises.   Fitness enthusiasts, athletes and even occasional exercisers THRIVE with external motivation!  Sandra builds each training session with this in mind.

Why Join Us?  For YOU.  For your body, your health, mind and family.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.  ~  Carol Welch